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The halogen lamp, also known as a quartz-halogen and tungsten-halogen lamp, is an advanced form of incandescent lamp which contains a small amount of halogen gas (hence the name). The first lamp of its kind, which contained the halogen chlorine, was patented in 1882. Subsequently, this pioneering lamp was followed by the first model to use iodine, which was produced and patented by the company General Electric in 1959. (more…)


Whether you’re planning on using your truck for a cargo business, or you’re simply looking to haul your favorite couch to your new apartment, it pays to keep the cargo strapped and secure all throughout the ride. Here are a few tips that you can try to make sure that whatever it is you’re hauling doesn’t become a hazard to you or to itself:

Buy efficient strapping

One of the best ways to equip a truck for hauling is to invest in an e track system that allows you to safely secure heavy loads in your truck. The e track system also allows you to efficiently strap down your cargo for a tight fit so they don’t wobble unsteadily during the ride. (more…)

No matter how bright and clear your 4×4 headlights are, they sometimes just don’t cut it when you’re driving off the beaten track after sunset. Even top-spec vehicles can be enhanced when it comes to lighting, and it’s good to find out that there are quality driving lights around that allow you to see your way more clearly at night.

You can benefit from reliable off-road lights to increase your field of vision, especially when the weather’s not cooperating or you’ve decided to embark on a nocturnal adventure. Off-road lights are particularly intended to illuminate the terrain or path during instances of thick fog or heavy rain, and to aid drivers with search and rescue, among others. Some off-roaders believe that, besides being a useful add-on, such lights add more aesthetic appeal to 4x4s. (more…)

Not all segments of the U.S. highway system are well-lit. These roads usually traverse parts of the country so remote that you won’t see any pit stops for miles on end. Interstate 70 in Utah, for instance, barely has any lights. Driving along this highway at night takes a lot of courage and skill (if you want to get to your destination safely).


The Hella 500 is one of the brightest and most durable lighting equipment that can be installed on any type of vehicle. The equipment provides strong lighting that is ideal for use on rural, night and off-road driving. Installation and use of these driving lights can be simple, even with one’s basic knowledge in car electronics, because the lights come with step-by-step installation instructions and the necessary accessories to successfully set them up.