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If exhaust problems are not addressed immediately, hazardous fumes can seep through several openings and end up being inhaled into the lungs. As mentioned in the excerpt above, diesel exhaust is composed of numerous toxic substances, and medical science has already established that these toxins have harmful effects on human health.

To avoid the hazards brought about by faulty vehicle exhaust systems, preventive measures like replacing a beat-up pipe connection with a sturdy exhaust elbow or patching up even the smallest punctures can go a long way. For some of the best exhaust fittings and spare parts, purchase only from reputable sellers like Global Parts, Inc.


As for your air intake system, be sure to have two air filters mounted outside the hood for better air flow. Also, whenever you’re modifying your engine’s exhaust systems, use flexible tubing that can be fitted, bent or turned into any application without breaking it and losing its function. You should also get your engine parts like an exhaust elbow only from reputable suppliers like Global Parts Inc. to make sure that you don’t get conned into buying something substandard.

“Some truck buyers turn to late-model low-mileage used trucks, which are cheaper than new ones, as temporary units. Others can upgrade their current trucks with better engines and quality flexible exhaust tubing from truck parts retailers like Global Parts Inc.

To ensure compliance with emission laws, truck owners should look at which devices need replacing. In older trucks, the engine is often linked to the catalytic converter, the muffler, and the exhaust port. New regulations require installing particulate filters between the engine and the muffler.”

“How do you know if your car has an exhaust leak? Aside from the sound mentioned in the piece, faulty exhaust systems also produce a ticking, popping or roaring noise. Black soot on the tailpipe and exhaust is sure sign of leaks too. Be sure to check the undercarriage as well for signs of rust, as this can eat away at your exhaust system and produce leaks. If your car exhibits any of these problems, bring it to a mechanic who will check the muffler and flexible exhaust tubing’s condition.

If you’re concerned about the cost of parts replacement—as mentioned in the news item—there are now online retailers like Global Parts, Inc. that carry exhaust parts at much lower prices. Hence, you can buy parts, such as a quality exhaust elbow without breaking the bank.”