Whether you’re planning on using your truck for a cargo business, or you’re simply looking to haul your favorite couch to your new apartment, it pays to keep the cargo strapped and secure all throughout the ride. Here are a few tips that you can try to make sure that whatever it is you’re hauling doesn’t become a hazard to you or to itself:

Buy efficient strapping

One of the best ways to equip a truck for hauling is to invest in an e track system that allows you to safely secure heavy loads in your truck. The e track system also allows you to efficiently strap down your cargo for a tight fit so they don’t wobble unsteadily during the ride. Read the rest of this entry »


Unless you’re working with a fully-covered container truck, it’s your duty to protect your equipment against the elements, and tarps always come in handy should it start to drizzle during your trip. You should properly choose your type of tarp though—for one, while plastic is inexpensive, it tends to be more prone to ripping than canvas varieties.

To help secure your cargo even further, there’s additional equipment that you can buy, like quality e-track accessories and cargo control devices.

Patrolling the highway is one of the most dangerous work for any law officer. Of course, the criminals and violators on the road are what makes the job extremely risky, but mundane items like emergency lights can be an equal cause for concern if not used properly.

Lighting considerations for law enforcers

While it’s clear that lights are necessary to inform motorists of the presence of law enforcers, more lights don’t necessarily mean better; some lighting types can actually increase the hazard to officers on the road, particularly during nighttime. How, where, when, and what types of lights are used are important considerations before handing out the keys of a patrol vehicle to an enforcer.

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“During your inspection, be on the lookout for signs that you might need a new connection—but there are steps you can take to ensure that this won’t happen in the first place. For one, don’t connect the trailer hitch to your truck’s tow ball, as this could provide false ground for the trailer. In fact the jack-and-plug connection should be the only connection to the trailer.

If your trailer lights have burned out or its wirings have gone faulty, you should have them replaced right away before your next vacation or hauling trip. Look into reputable dealers like Global Parts Inc. for trusty and reliable LED marker lights or brake lights.”

On the other hand, a halogen lamp like the popular Hella 500 Black Magic still retains the standard tungsten filament, but doesn’t contain an inert gas – instead, it contains halogen, which slows the thinning of the tungsten filament despite the extreme heat, and prevents blackening. This process significantly lengthens the lifespan of the bulb by allowing the tungsten to safely reach higher temperatures (therefore, producing a much brighter light). To further enable the filament to withstand extreme heat, materials like fused quartz are often used instead of normal silica glass.