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Semi-trucks are large vehicles that can be dangerous on the road if they happen to malfunction. This is why it’s important that regular maintenance checks are performed to ensure that parts are in place and are in good working order. Here are some of the parts you need to check now for their stability and use before hitting the road. (more…)


The halogen lamp, also known as a quartz-halogen and tungsten-halogen lamp, is an advanced form of incandescent lamp which contains a small amount of halogen gas (hence the name). The first lamp of its kind, which contained the halogen chlorine, was patented in 1882. Subsequently, this pioneering lamp was followed by the first model to use iodine, which was produced and patented by the company General Electric in 1959. (more…)

Whether you’re planning on using your truck for a cargo business, or you’re simply looking to haul your favorite couch to your new apartment, it pays to keep the cargo strapped and secure all throughout the ride. Here are a few tips that you can try to make sure that whatever it is you’re hauling doesn’t become a hazard to you or to itself:

Buy efficient strapping

One of the best ways to equip a truck for hauling is to invest in an e track system that allows you to safely secure heavy loads in your truck. The e track system also allows you to efficiently strap down your cargo for a tight fit so they don’t wobble unsteadily during the ride. (more…)

Patrolling the highway is one of the most dangerous work for any law officer. Of course, the criminals and violators on the road are what makes the job extremely risky, but mundane items like emergency lights can be an equal cause for concern if not used properly.

Lighting considerations for law enforcers

While it’s clear that lights are necessary to inform motorists of the presence of law enforcers, more lights don’t necessarily mean better; some lighting types can actually increase the hazard to officers on the road, particularly during nighttime. How, where, when, and what types of lights are used are important considerations before handing out the keys of a patrol vehicle to an enforcer.


The trucking industry is a tough field that aims to test drivers to the limit, whether it’s at the physical, mental, or psychological level. The challenge of driving long distances is also padded with the strain of spending several hours in the same seat, which may lead to more health problems. When you and your rig are out for a modest amount of downtime, take the opportunity to scour a semi-truck parts store for replacement seats.

Start by analyzing the truck’s stock seats and checking them for features that must be on the replacement units, such as larger headrests and more ergonomic backrests. As some trucks have heated seats and other controls, check the underside of the stock seats for wiring. The bolts on the front and back should also be properly aligned and measured.

Once you have selected a good pair of seats, it’s time to get cracking on the replacement. Slide the stock seats at their rearmost position and remove the bolts, then slide the seat all the way to the front and remove the front bolts. Disconnect any wiring from the seat before removing them from the vehicle. Put in the new seat and attach as needed.

A pair of quality seats for your truck cab can result in better comfort for you and a friend tagging along for the journey. Its features can help relax your body as you drive.